Puppy Adjustable Harness
Fits frenchie pups from 8 weeks & up
 Neck 26cm-40cm Chest 34cm-47cm
Reversible Harness
Fits frenchies from 12 weeks to adulthood as chest strap can be double looped for a few weeks while they have the crazy growth spurt.
Fits larger adult frenchies & british / Aussie bulldog pups
Size  Large (Neck 38cm-41.3cm  Chest 48.3cm-74.9cm)
Size  Xlarge (Neck 41.9cm-45.7cm Chest 50.8cm-81.3cm)


Adjustable Bulldog harness 
Fits all British & Aussie Bulldog pups from 6months to adulthood 
Neck 50cm-63cm Chest 60cm-89cm

One size fits most frenchies from 6months to adulthood 

Neck 16” - 20.5”

Chest 22”-28.5”

for smaller frenchies hoodie will be a looser fit with plenty of room to grow .